Motorcycle Friendly Cabins

motorcyclist at cabin
Motorcycle at Time Flies cabin with Fontana Lake in background.
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Western North Carolina has some of the most popular motorcyles rides in the nation. Deal's Gap, the Cherahala Skyway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and many other popular rides are easily accessible from all of our cabins. We get so many motorcyclists seaking motorcycle friendly cabins that we have created an amenity called "motorcycle friendly" that is one of the many amenities that you can filter for in your search for a cabin.

We assume that a rider coming to Western North Carolina mountains on a motorcycle will be experienced, so we tolerate a little bit of unpaved road on the route, but only if it is well-groomed, relatively flat, and doesn't have too much loose gravel. So using this criteria, we have indicated which of our luxury vacation rental cabins are worth looking at by guests seeking motorcycle friendly lodging.

(photos courtesy of a submitter to our Facebook Page photo contest)

motorcycle roads

This great resource has no affiliation with us, but we think their content will be so useful to our guests that we are excerpting and referencing one of their rides here.


Wayah Road  Scenery ?????

Hard to keep your eyes on the road at times! The west end starts you going up a gorge tracing the stream with some waterfalls mixed in. Once you reach the peak (the AP trail crosses around here) there is a large lake at the top. Nice winding road around it then the fun begins; lots of tight curves and more elevation changes. Keep your eyes on the road: not much in guard rails protecting you from some rather large drop-offs! Eventually you "wind down" on some less technical roads and at a little gas station/convenience shop. IIRC, this station has REAL gas (no ethanol). (read more)

motorcycling in smoky mountains

Our local Chamber of Commerce is very informed at great rides in the area. Here is an excerpt from their page dedicated to popular scenic mountain roads in Western North Carolina (specifically, Swain County).


Deal's Gap (aka The Dragon)

U.S. Highway 129, connecting Western North Carolina with East Tennessee, is world-famous among motorcyclists and sports car drivers, for its eleven-mile section with 318 continuous curves. Riding the The Dragon at Deals Gap you closely follow an old Indian trail from Graham County NC to Fort Loudon TN. Take a spin through �Gravity Cavity�, �Pig Pens Bend�, and �Rebels Revenge� with beautiful views of the river along the way to Chilhowee Lake.. (read more)

Driving Events

audi club

The area plays host to many annual driving events. Whether you drive and Audi Quattro, Mazda Miata, BMW Z3 or other roadster, or of course any type of motorcycle, there is likely an event involving you and your peers. While sports cars should have no problem getting to any of our cabins (except those flagged "4WD/AWD only"), some low-profile car owners may appreciate the paved roads that come with motorcycle accessible cabins.


Quattro de Mayo is a gathering of Audi (and other European car) enthusiasts from across the Southeast. Each year, we spend as many as four days driving some of the curviest roads in the country, and spend the evenings making new friends. (read more)