How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

 How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Ah, picking the perfect Christmas Tree for you and your family—it's part art, part science. It's also an annual holiday tradition that many families hold dear. Here are a few fun facts for you. 

Did you know that North Carolina ranks No. 2 in the nation in harvested Christmas trees? Yes! Our state produces about 19 percent of the country’s Christmas trees. Twelve North Carolina trees have stood in the White House, all of them Fraser Firs. Now you know!

Here are a few quick, helpful tips to consider before you head out on a family excursion to find "the one". Hopefully you will avoid any unwanted Clark Griswold moments. Speaking of Clark, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a great option for movie night in your Bryson City cabin, if you'll be here over the holidays with us. It's a classic.

Now, back to the trees!

Shop Local for the Christmas Tree

Start by researching your options for local tree farms in your area. Pay close attention to their dates of operation. Many Christmas tree farms are only open for a limited time and their tree supplies are limited, so it's best to get a head start and go as early as you can to ensure a good selection.

Before you get too starry-eyed about the perfect tree, you definitely need to do a little bit of pre-planning before arriving at the farm. (See video clip.)

You want to know where you're going to put the tree in your home and ensure it will fit properly in the space. You also want to consider how much space you'll need/want between the tree branches for your ornaments to hang straight. 

Choose the Right Location in Your Home 

Before you head to the Christmas tree farm, you will also want to know where you're going to put the tree in your home. It's best to choose a location that isn't too warm. Place your tree away from too much sun, heat vents, fireplaces, and radiators to avoid drying out your tree or causing a fire hazard. You also don't want your tree to be put in a precarious position such as a high-traffic area where it has a greater chance of getting bumped, knocked over, or where the light cords could be a tripping hazard.

Properly Size the Tree for the Space

If you remember this scene from Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, then you know this is not what you want when you bring your tree home. (Watch the video clip if you don't remember or have never seen this movie.) 

Once you choose a good spot in your home, be sure to measure both the ceiling height and the width of that space and record them for future reference. If you already have a tree stand, measure it to determine the maximum diameter of the tree trunk you can use in it. Finally, measure the height of your tree stand as well as the height of your treetop decoration. Use all these measurements to determine the perfect height and width of the tree you'll select for your home.

Check the Tree for Freshness

Before making your final decision at the farm, be sure to check the tree for freshness. The needles should look shiny, green, and fresh. Touch the branches and move them around a bit. Needles should not be dropping, and it shouldn't look too dry or too brown. Either at the farm or once you arrive home, cut off at least 1/2" from the bottom of the trunk so that the tree will begin to soak up water immediately and stay as fresh as possible.

 How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree


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