Best Waterfalls in Western NC

cherokee nc cabin rentals 2Only a handful of states have more waterfalls than beautiful North Carolina thanks to our state's fluctuating terrain. Nearly every county in the state has a waterfall, thus creating a self-sustaining tourist industry. All of our Cherokee NC cabin rentals are within minutes of serene waterfalls, breathtaking Smoky Mountain trails, and whitewater rafting adventures. According to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, North Carolina is tied for ninth in annual precipitation. Most tourist destinations dread the thought of rain, but our rivers, lakes, and creeks need rainfall to attract thrill-seekers, waterfall hunters, and anglers. When you choose Watershed Cabins for your Western North Carolina outdoor getaway, you'll always be close to the action!

Mingo Falls

Mingo Falls is within 20 minutes of our Cherokee NC cabin rentals. This 120-foot-tall waterfall is located six miles northeast of Cherokee on Mingo Creek. Mingo Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North Carolina, so don't be surprised by the 161 steps required to complete the journey. The waterfall itself is an awe-inspiring natural marvel that rushes in the spring and summer. Visit the site after a fresh spring rainfall to witness its full might; otherwise, Mingo Falls in autumn is breathtaking and peaceful. The journey is only 0.8 miles in length, but the 160+ stairs discourage many visitors. Thrill-seekers can climb much of the 120 feet to get superior vantage points. cherokee nc cabin rentals

Soco Falls

Soco Falls is a rare double cascade that can be reached by pulling off US-19 and trekking down into the creek gorge. The trails aren't heavily marked so use your instincts by listening for the water's impact and following the beaten paths. Don't be afraid to journey into the rocky creek for an incredible view of the falls. Two branches of Soco Creek perfectly meet not far from the US-19 turnoff to create this gorgeous scene. Most of our Cherokee NC cabin rentals are within 25 miles of beautiful Soco Falls!

Juney Whank Falls

Explore three waterfalls on the Deep Creek Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park three miles north of charming Bryson City. The most notable waterfall is Juney Whank because of the hand-carved bridge inches from the flow. You have the option of relaxing on the bridge or exploring the nearby wilderness. Further down the trail, you'll find Indian Creek and Tom Branch Falls. Many people choose to tube down Deep Creek, which is particularly exhilarating in early summer.

Cherokee NC Cabin Rentals

Watershed Cabins has luxury log home rentals throughout the Bryson City/Cherokee region. We have cabins overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains, on babbling creeks, and in the lush Nantahala National Forest. Find the luxury vacation home that perfectly suits your family by visiting our website or dialing 1-888-604-3075.

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